Valentine's Day A Festival Of Love

Valentine’s Day is celebrated each year on the 14th February in the memory of Saint Valentine who gave away his life for the cause of love.

Every year this day people share gifts with their loved ones to make them feel special and thank them for being in their life.

It started with expression of love between men and women but by the time people realize that its all about love and now even two brothers, sisters and best friends give gifts to each other to thank them for their valuable support in their life if you do not have a girlfriend or boyfriend, don’t feel sad. Instead, start thinking and searching for people who actually loved you and still loving you. People who stood for you in all situations of life, people you can bank upon. They could be your friends, parents, brother & sisters or any co-worker.

Let’s thank them all on this Valentine ’s Day, let’s tell them that you appreciate their presence in your life and admire their support, let’s thank them for being there when you needed them. After all its about love and love don’t need any relation, it’s pious and genuine feeling.

I pledge, from this Valentine ’s Day I will thank everyone who are important in my life, I will start showing my love and gratitude towards those lovely people.

Happy Valentine’s Day..!

10th Feb 2020 Rajat Sharma

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