Uttarayan 2021

Uttarayan is among the most enjoyable festival of India. It is celebrated every year in second week of January month.

The word Uttarayan is made of two words Uttar + Aayan where Uttar mean North and Ayan means moving or going towards somewhere. But who is going and where?

Uttarayan means movement of Sun towards North direction, which also means that this is the end of winter season and now cold winter will turn into summer day by day because of Sun’s movement.

It’s a sign of beginning of new season, it’s a time when farmers plan what they want to cultivate this year in their fields.

Uttarayan is also know as Makar Sankranti. As per Hindu mythology Lord Sun enters into Makar Rashi which brings happiness in everyone’s life.

This day in some states of India people fly colorful kites to welcome Sun and enjoy full day in sunshine.

In some other states people take a holy dip in pious rivers like Ganga early in the morning and worship the sunrise they also pray for the prosperity and well being of their loved ones.

We Rakhi.com also wish everyone a happy and healthy Uttarayan. May Lord Sun bless everyone with prosperity and peace.

15th Jan 2021 Rajat Sharma

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