Sending Love Across Oceans: BhaiDooj Gifts to USA

The endearing festival that celebrates the glory of sibling bonds is around the corner. Bhai dooj/ bhai phota is a Hindu festival that is celebrated widely in India and Nepal. This festival is somewhat similar to Raksha Bandhan because, on this day, sisters fast and perform rituals for their brother's long life and, in return, receive gifts from them.

However, with time, we all have siblings who moved out of the country and reside in foreign states. So if you are looking to send BhaiDooj Gifts to USA, you are at the right place.

We have curated a list of gifts you can send as Bhaidooj Gifts to USA and help them celebrate the day away from home.

9 Bhai dooj Gift Ideas for your Long-distance Siblings

1. Personalized Gifts

Siblings always have photo memories in their family albums where they can be seen having a fun time together. Whether it's a memory of festivals or a regular day out, there are numerous images that show your joyful and strong sibling bond.

Choose the best picture that will make your sibling relive the endearing memories they have with you. You can give a coffee mug, cushion, a customized wallet, or a wall hanging. This gift will surely bring out the widest smile and make them happy on their sibling's special day.

2. Bhai Dooj Special Hampers

Your brother living in the US may not have access to all customary Bhai dooj utilities. So gifting him a hamper that includes sweets, tilak, and pavitra dhaga will be an ideal gift idea. has a myriad of options to choose from, plus they will deliver the package to the receiver's doorstep. All you have to do is place an order, sit back and relax.

3. Indian Sweets and Dry Fruits Hampers

Every Indian who lives abroad craves Indian delicacies. You can choose a sweet-savory hamper that includes your favorite dessert, a few snack options, and loads of dry fruits.

However, make sure to go with dry sweets like soan papdi, peda, and petha, as they have a longer shelf life. If your siblings have a sweet tooth, then customize a hamper with all their favorite sweets and see the joy in their eyes.

4. Perfumes

Boys love to collect and wear branded perfumes. As the saying goes, a man's characteristics can be judged by the way he smells, so they puts a lot of effort while choosing the perfect fragrance for them.

If your brother is also one such fragrance lover, then this will be his best bhai dooj gift. Make sure to know his preferences, and if he is looking for a specific one, try to get that for him. This gift is a thoughtful gesture for all the pain he took as your partner in crime.

5. Chocolates

The list of Bhai dooj gifts remains incomplete without chocolates. Chocolates bring out the childhood memories you have with your brother or sister. Chocolate boxes are the best way to appreciate the old times. Take it further by adding customized chocolates as per your siblings' liking.

6. Tech Gadgets

Nowadays, everyone has become tech-savvy and is in constant hustle to acquire the newest version of tech gadgets. So, if your sibling loves to collect gadgets and finds immense pleasure in acquiring one, this will be his/her dream come true gift.

But make sure the gadget you are gifting is what they are looking for and will be useful. Surprise him with a new pair of AirPods/headphones, a phone, or a laptop.

7. Books

Books are one of the most thoughtful and respectable gifting options for bhai dooj. You can either go for Kindles or hardcover novels. Books add value to all festivities, from real-life biographies to fictional tales.

If your sibling is a bookworm who loves reading about anything and everything, this will be their most coveted gift. You can even add a card explaining why you chose this book and make them feel special.

8. Grooming Kit Hamper

A grooming kit is a universal gift for men. This is a standard yet perfect gift that will help them maintain a well-groomed lifestyle. There are plenty of options available as per their skin type, plus you can even add other accessories like wallet, cufflinks, and belt in the hamper. If your brother uses a specific brand, be aware of it and only add products that suit their requirements.

9. Smartwatch

A smartwatch is an excellent gift for your health-conscious sibling who loves to track their everyday activities and continuously makes efforts to stay fit. A smartwatch will help them track their heart rate, calorie intake, everyday step counts, and more.

You can send these BhaiDooj Gifts to USA, just with a simple click. Look for a website that delivers worldwide, choose your gift, and order.

In a Nutshell

Bhaidooj marks the importance of the bitter-sweet bond that siblings share. No matter how much they fight with you, they will always be the first person to back you up in the time of crisis.

Make this Bhai dooj memorable by sending out BhaiDooj Gifts to USA for your beloved brother and make them miss you even more. Websites like have plenty of bhai dooj gift options to choose from, and they ship the product to the receiver within stipulated delivery time.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can we send BhaiDooj Gifts to USA?

Yes, we can send BhaiDooj Gifts to USA via websites that offer worldwide shipping like

Who gets gifts on bhai dooj?

Bhai dooj is the festival that symbolizes the ever-lasting bond of siblings. On this day, both brothers and sisters receive gifts like sweets, clothing, accessories, and more.

When is bhai dooj celebrated?

As per the Hindu calendar, bhai dooj is celebrated on the second day of shukla paksha in the month of Kartik.

Who is worshiped on bhai dooj?

The bhai dooj rituals consist of bathing in the Yamuna river and worshiping lord Yamaraja. On this day, their brothers visit their sisters and eat food cooked and served by her. 

27th Oct 2023 Shambhu Sharan singh

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