Mother's Day 2020

Mother's Day, it held on second Sunday of May month and this year its on 10 May 2020.      

Some poet has said a beautiful lines for motherhood…

“Life doesn’t comes with a manual, it comes with a Mother”

The concept of celebrating mother’s day is just awesome. Although a life is not enough, not even there are word that can fulfill the expression of gratitude towards parents especially mother.

A special dedicated day for mothers, where kids express their feelings. Doesn’t matter you are 13 years old or 30, for a mother her children always remain kids.

I remember days when my mom has pampered and embraced me when I felt low or scared and on the other hand I can’t forget her small punishments. Whatever she has done was her efforts of making me a right person. It’s true, without her I wouldn’t be the person who I am today.

I learnt respecting feminism and gender equality and these are the things which only a mother can teach to her child. Mother is not just a human, or some biological term. Being mother is a divine feeling. A far imagination bond of parenthood.

Every year people celebrate mother’s day and those who lives far away, send gifts online.
Personalized gifts are more in trend now a days.

Personalized cushions


What could be more relaxing then resting on the cushion, made specially for you.

Personalized Mugs


This will definitely add a pinch of love to your coffee, after all the mug is for special mom.


Women are always fond of Jewellery, no matters its your mom, wife or sister.


There is no gift in this world that can compare mother’s love but a small effort can make her feel special. A gift sent with lots of feelings from her own kid is always precious to a mother.

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Happy Mother’s Day!

8th May 2020 Rajat Sharma

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