Lohri A Joyful Festival Of India

Lohri A Joyful Festival Of India


India is land of festivals and it is known of its vibrant culture, customs and traditions.  “Lohri” is a famous and joyful festival of India which is mainly celebrated in Punjab, Himachal and some North regions.

The word “Lohri” comes from a word “Tilohri” (Til+Rohri). Til (Sesame) and Rohri (Jaggery).

It is believed that consuming there two foods together at this time of season helps strengthen the body against cold and it also cleans the body.

There are many famous stories we have heard from our ancestors that why we celebrate “Lohri”
Traditionally it’s a time to harvest the Sugarcane crop. People celebrate “Lohri” to thanks God for a good harvest of crop.

“Lohri” festival is a sign of winter end. From this day, days start becoming long and slowly- slowly days will start becoming warm in India.

A very famous story of a brave man “Dulha Bhatti” who was considered as Robin Hood because he robs rich and take care of poor’s. He revolt against Mughals and save many Indian girls.

People glow fire and dance around it and sang some old traditional songs they throw Til (Sesame) and Rohri (Jaggery) in fire to thank God and pray for happiness, peace and prosperity.

"Sarya Nu Lohri Di Lakh - Lakh Badhiyan"

14th Jan 2023 Rajat Sharma

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