Food & Grocery Support to India in this tough time of Covid 19 - Stand with India

Food & Grocery Support to India in this tough time of Covid 19 - Stand with India

The world witnessed the deadliest Covid 19 virus, which created havoc in the world. After months of lockdown and maintaining Covid norms, we were able to beat the first wave. But the second wave is hitting India again, and this time the impacts are even worse. Each day, the number of patients is increasing, lack of hospitals, beds, oxygen, medicine, and slow vaccination drive have made the situation quite challenging. Our medical system has almost crashed, and every day we hear or read news about people who lost their life, jobs, and family.

Many people work day and night in these challenging times to help people out with food, medicines, and oxygen cylinders. has taken one such initiative, and we are helping people with grocery and food supplies in a tough time. offers free food and other services to people and families affected by the Covid crisis. offers food/grocery to different families whether they are Covid affected or not. If your family is dealing with a food crisis or you know someone who needs food, you can contact us immediately. *Working area are Ahmedabad, Mehsana and Vadodara cities in the state of Gujarat.

We take care of all the requirements and diet of the covid patient and ensure the food is non- spicy and less oily. The food we prepare is hygienic and is cooked maintaining covid norms. The food and the people working on this mission are well sanitized and wear masks while cooking. The food is packed in disposable packaging so that it can be disposed of easily.

In addition, our team India is trying to meet the food demands of the homeless, migrant workers, daily wage labourers, and other vulnerable populations. You can visit our Facebook page for more information.

India is dealing with many things, and this is our contribution in helping people and India. We need to be strong in this tough time and help each other out. You can also be a part of our team by contributing your bid. Let’s heal the world and make it a better place. Stay at home and be safe.

8th May 2021 Kiran Prajapati (CEO)

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