Bhaidooj Festival

Bhaidooj and Rakhi are two Indian festivals that shows love of brother and sister

In Rakhi Festival brother promise safety and security of sister where as in Bhaidooj sister prays for her brother’s long life and safety.

There are many famous stories about the origin of this festival like a story of Lord Yama and his sister Yamuna and a story of Lord Krishna and his sister Subhadra. The gist of both stories is same where sister ties “kalava” (cotton thread) on brother’s wrist and put some Tilak on brother’s forehead and pray for his long life and success.

Time is changing very fast, people are moving towards modernization but still there is no change in celebrating this festival, even today sisters put “Tilak” to brother’s forehead and tie “Kalava” on brothers wrist. In some cases where brother and siters live far away from each other, they send online gifts of “Bhaidooj” just like “Rakhi”, this proves that love has no boundaries and distance can’t make any change in traditions.

Indians are very famous for celebrating festivals with warm feeling and heart and we respect and admire the spirit of “Bhaidooj” and “Rakhi” festival from heart.

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Good wishes of festival from

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17th Nov 2020 Rajat Sharma

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