When Is Raksha Bandhan 2023?

When Is Raksha Bandhan 2023?

Meaning of Raksha Bandhan:

Nobody can describe the relationship between a brother and sister but we can show it through a gesture by celebrating “Raksha Bandhan”. The bond of siblings is extraordinary and beyond anything else in this world, we call it “Rakhi” also. Rakhi is not only can celebrate Raksha Bandhan but it’s a gesture from the sister who recalls her brother and that she loves their bond and knows that her brother is always there to protect her in any situation.

Raksha Bandhan originates from the Sanskrit word that translates to “bond of protection.” For more detail, “Raksha” means “to protect” and “Bandhan” stands for the verb “to tie.” Every year Raksha Bandhan comes on the full moon in the holy Hindu lunisolar month of Sravana which corresponds to the Gregorian calendar month of July or August.

History of Raksha Bandhan:

Raksha Bandhan is not only celebrated by Hindus but it is a festival celebrated by all religions. Yes! Here two stories show the importance of the Rakhi thread tied by Draupadi to Lord Krishana and Rani Karnavati to Humayun.

Everyone knows a holy book called Mahabharat. One beautiful incident mentioned that Lord Krishna’s finger was cut while handling sugarcane. Lord Krishna's wife Queen Rukmini looking for a bandage while Draupadi - Pandavas' wife saw the blood and immediately cut off the part of her saree and tied it around Krishna’s finger to stop the bleeding. At that moment, Lord Krishna promised Draupadi that whenever she needed him, he would always protect her.

When Bahadur Shah attacked Chittor, Maharani Karnavati proposed in front of Humayun in the struggle between the Rajputs and the Muslims that we should come together and face our common enemy by sending a Rakhi thread. This gesture touches Humayun’s heart and promised Rani Karnavati to protect her and Chittor always.

When is Rakhi 2023?

Raksha Bandhan is on 30th August 2023, shubh muhurta for the Rakhi tying ceremony is from 09:01 PM to 07:05 AM.

Time is going faster and never wait for someone, so gear up guys to surprise your siblings on this Raksha Bandhan. Prepare this Raksha Bandhan by choosing your favorite Rakhi outfit, home decor ideas and shopping, delicious sweet dishes, buying the best Rakhi and surprise gifts for your brother, and a lot to do.

Nowadays, everyone comes together, and celebrating Raksha Bandhan is not as possible as before but the distance doesn’t matter. You can buy and send Rakhi to IndiaAustraliathe USANew ZealandCanada, etc to surprise your brother by sending your love as your presence and celebrating the most precious day virtually together.

Rakhi Calendar for the upcoming five years:

Date Day
30th August 2023 Wednesday
19th August 2024 Monday
09th August 2025 Saturday
28th August 2026 Friday
17th August 2027 Tuesday

You all know the dates, best rakhi time, history, and detailed meaning of Raksha Bandhan so get ready to celebrate the upcoming Raksha Bandhan with lots of love, happiness, and surprises. I hope our valuable Raksha Bandhan information helps you to create the best memories with your family. Every Rakhi, sister is excited to buy Rakhi for her brother and waiting for the gorgeous gift from her brother. Before the time alert for the brothers, select the best Raksha Bandhan return gifts for your sister and send them to Australia, India, the USA, New Zealand, the UK, Canada, etc.

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