There is something magical about February, not only is it shortest and sweetest month of the year, it's the perfect weather and atmosphere to express love and pamper your loved ones. For me personally, it is one of the busiest month, thanks to more 'shubh muhurats' than any other month, all the nuptials and subsequently, anniversaries, scrambling for space in this love deserving month.

It is not just coincidence that St Valentine was sacrificed for love, in this intoxicating mist of tenderness and romance hanging in the pink air of February. History has many myths including St Valentine was martyred on 14th Feb for marrying young soldiers , who were prohibited to marry while serving as soldiers. Not in farthest imagination in AD 496 in ancient Europe, his sacrifice would have been imagined as a hope of love and affection, in this war-torn world, full of hatred.

Young and young-at-heart celebrate this day in their own dream sequence way. It may be a fancy bollywood style celebration, a quiet stay-at-home cuddle up to a good movie or a catching a sneak peak of your crush with chocolate and flowers. The feelings matter and not the material. This day is particularly special for those planning to finally announce their love to their beloved or to the rest of the world. 14th Feb day sees the strongest gush of emotions and lifelong commitments flowing and enriching lives of in-love couples and families.

For long time married couples like me, it is the time to celebrate togetherness and shared life. See each other exclusively through the prism of affection and passion, let run-of-the-mill responsibilities take a back seat, relax and inject fresh romance into year-after-year giant wheel of life. After all, life is one long celebration and we should not deprive ourselves of happiness and adoration of being in this beautiful world. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!

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10th Feb 2015 Dr. Namita Pandey

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